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Sonika Awasthi (College Girls)Jaipur Escorts Service
Personal Details
  • Name :

    Sonika Awasthi

  • Age:


  • Weight :


  • Height :


  • Hair :

    Blowout Burgundy

  • Eyes :

    Red and violet

  • Complexion :

    Extremely Fair

  • Measurements:


  • Education:


  • Dress :


  • Languages :

    Hindi,English and Bengali

  • Travel Scope :

    World Wide

  • Location :

    Jaipur Escorts Service

  • Nationality :


  • Favorite food:

    Popular Deep Fried Chicken Preparation. Chicken, Onion, Ginger

  • Sexuality :


  • Favorite Place:

    Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

  • Favorite Color:

    Orange, Purple

If you are new here, you probably don't know me. My name is Sonika Awasthi. I am 23 and one of the best and stunningly beautiful Jaipur call girl escorts here. I have good height and perfectly shaped figure which makes me the desire of every other man. And I am proud of it. I love it when someone stares at my body lustfully; it ignites the fire in me. But I can't put it out every time. Thus, I am waiting for someone like you who can come and shower his love on my thirsty body and soul.

Come to me and tell me how beautiful I look. Hold my hand and look into my eyes. I love fantasies. What is your fantasy? Let us meet and together we can make every one's fantasies the reality of love and romance. I love it when someone kisses me with love and I love giving them back the same love. I feel so escalated and elated that I can just feel the joy of happiness and pleasure. Let us tonight, do exchange pleasure with each other. It will be just you and me and this dark lonely night. And together we will go on an everlasting journey to the heaven of romantic pleasure Jaipur escorts.

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